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College and Career Prep

Our youth program offers youth a safe place where they can learn during the peak hours that juveniles are typically victims of crime or engage in criminal activity themselves. One of the best things about the program is the way it brings together various community members and gets them actively involved in helping kids learn and grow and most important keeping our kids off of the streets.


To be eligible program

  • Youth age 14 to 20, in the custody of the state (foster care) or at risk youth/low-income families
  • Can be male or female be referred by school or social worker
  • Must
  • Must be a resident or attend school in the South Los Angeles area
  • Demonstrated care of property
  • Demonstrated ability to follow societal rules


Program Goals

  • Improving social development
  • Enrichment activities and sport in a safe environment.
  • Keeping youth out of the street
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Help with conflict resolution and leadership abilities
  • Develop new interest and hobbies



  • Tutoring Program
  • Career and College Prep
  • Afterschool Program
  • Mentoring
  • Sports and Recreation Activities
  • Assistance with Senior Actives
  • Decision Making
  • Building Self-esteem
  • Education Resources
  • Prepare for life after high school



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